Comprehensive Criminal Defense Representation

The law office of David G. Moore, Attorney at Law, offers criminal defense, bankruptcy, family law and civil litigation legal counsel and advocacy to juveniles, college-age students and adults in Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas.

My name is David Moore. I am a former assistant district attorney turned criminal defense lawyer who knows how the system works from the inside. I know how prosecutors review and try cases, having led many jury trials myself. I know how police can leave pertinent information out of police reports to make the targets of their investigations look like they are guilty. I also know how to read between the lines of police reports and spot the problems in a prosecution's case — weaknesses that I can turn to your advantage.

Skilled Defense Against a Wide Range of Criminal Charges

I can help provide a vigorous defense against a wide range of criminal charges, including:

  • Drunk driving: Operating while intoxicated (OWI), operating under the influence of drugs (OUID) and related charges have serious consequences. I provide strong, knowledgeable defense against all types of intoxicated driving charges.
  • Traffic violations: For my clients, I help fight against traffic violation charges and restore their drivers' licenses.
  • Drug crimes: I provide a strong defense against possession, trafficking and related charges involving marijuana, medical marijuana, methamphetamines, prescription drugs and related charges.
  • Violent crimes: It is important to defend against violent crime charges aggressively. I provide a strategic defense against violent crime charges ranging from murder and manslaughter and sexual assault to armed robbery, domestic violence and assault.
  • Sex crimes: Criminal charges involving sex crimes can have lasting impact on the rest of your life. Whether you are facing possession charges, violent sex crime charges or other sex crime charges, I have the help you need.
  • Theft crimes: For crimes ranging from petit theft to grand theft, armed robbery and burglary, my defense focuses on results.
  • Weapons offenses: I create a solid defense against charges of carrying a concealed weapon, armed robbery and other weapons charges, and he helps clients restore their weapons rights.
  • White collar crimes: Charges involving fraud, embezzlement and other white collar crimes are serious charges which I can represent.
  • Juvenile crimes: Do not let one mistake ruin your child's future. I help young people fight juvenile crime charges and avoid lasting penalties.
  • Polygraphs: Because I was a District Attorney for a period of time, I know how the state is likely to use the results of a polygraph against you.
  • Search Warrants: As a former prosecutor, I know how search warrants are supposed to be carried out as well as how to challenge the evidence found during the execution of a search warrant.
  • Probation violations: I protect clients accused of violating the terms of probation.
  • Criminal appeals: A criminal conviction might not be the final word. Depending on the details of the trial, an appeal might reverse a conviction. In addition to criminal defense trials, I handle all types of criminal appeals.

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As a Michigan defense lawyer, my aim is to use my legal skills, intelligence and experience to obtain the most favorable results that I can on behalf of my clients.

If you need a criminal defense attorney or DUI lawyer to fight the charges against you, call my Portage office at 269-216-4573 or 888-527-6768 to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also contact me online.