Understanding Representation For All Of Your Family Law Needs

I am David G. Moore, a family law lawyer who encourages all of my clients to think of me as a problem-solver who cares. I work diligently to emphasize this approach in all of my dealings with my clients, whether it is while speaking with them on the phone to update them regarding cases, or while meeting with them on a weeknight or weekend to address a particularly unusual problem.

Ultimately, my goal is to provide my clients with the legal advice they need to make intelligent, well-considered decisions with respect to their legal options and their families' well-being.

Divorce And Related Matters

I represent clients in divorces, separations and related issues that include parenting time and child custody, child support, division of property and related matters. I also focus on protecting fathers' rights and grandparents' rights throughout the divorce proceedings.

Post-Divorce Modifications

I also represent clients in petitioning the court for modifications of child support orders and contesting these modifications. When the circumstances of life change and the divorce agreement is altered, everyone in the family is affected. I provide clients with sound counsel and advocacy through the modification process.

Adoptions And Guardianships

The process involved with adoptions and guardianships can be complex and cumbersome. Make sure you work with an attorney who has been through the process and can help you. I have a wealth of experience with these matters, and I can protect your rights and walk you through every step of the legal process of obtaining an adoption or establishing a guardianship.

Keeping Your Interests At The Root Of My Practice

In these and in all matters for which I provide legal advice, I keep the interests of my clients and their families at the root of all my considerations. I understand very well that family conflict often involves clients and loved ones in uncertain and even frightening situations. I work hard to minimize my clients' need to deal with these issues themselves. Instead, I encourage my clients to place these matters in my hands so I can deal with them and my clients can tend to the emotional needs of their families.

Contact A Divorce Lawyer

To discuss your legal questions with an experienced attorney serving Kalamazoo, Portage and their surrounding regions in Michigan, call me at 269-216-4573 or toll free at 888-527-6768. You can also contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation. All consultations are entirely confidential and completely discreet. I understand and appreciate my clients' concerns for privacy with respect to their most intimate family matters.