An anonymous caller potentially saved children in the Kalamazoo area from a man who was high and claimed he was "going to shoot up an elementary school in Barry County." The caller warned police in the early morning hours of March 15 that a 50-year-old man from Orangeville - about 40 minutes outside Kalamazoo - was intoxicated. Sheriff deputies from Barry County went to the man's residence and made a meth arrest.

At the man's home, police found various firearms, as well as a meth lab in the basement. The man faces various criminal charges, including possession of methamphetamines, maintaining a meth lab and marijuana possession. He also faces charges for violating probation and having weapons in his possession. The man was not charged for any crimes in connection with the school threats. He is currently housed in the Barry County Jail with bail set at $475,000.

The local schools were notified of the phone call and threat. Several schools were locked down, while other schools increased the number of police officers present. Parents were notified about the situation and alerted of any updates.

It is against both state and federal laws to possess illegal drugs, including marijuana and meth. Although many states have relaxed their laws regarding marijuana possession, meth use and cultivation is still a huge concern. Operating and maintaining a meth lab is a serious crime.

In order to charge a person with drug possession, it must be proven that the suspect knew that the substance was an illegal drug and that the person knew he or she was in possession of the drug. To prove possession with intent to sell, prosecutors will look for evidence such as plastic baggies, scales and other paraphernalia.

Source: The Hastings Banner, "Anonymous threat sends schools into lockdown," Julie Makarewicz, March 21, 2013