Disorderly Conduct In Michigan

Defense Against Criminal Charges

Disorderly conduct charges often come about in connection with public intoxication and/or boisterous behavior such as contributing to a noisy party that has disturbed a neighborhood. Sporting events are another common site of disorderly conduct. This type of crime is most often a misdemeanor.

I am David G. Moore, a disorderly conduct defense lawyer with more than a decade of legal experience. As a former prosecuting attorney, I understand how these types of cases are tried and how to build an effective defense against criminal charges.

Providing You With a Defense That Is Designed to Protect Your Best Interests

It is noteworthy how often it happens that police actions actually seem to trigger disorderly conduct. For example, police may be questioning someone who is suspected of buying or selling alcohol without a license. The accused, in turn, seem to talk back and otherwise harass the police (as police perceive the interactions). Regardless of the circumstances and details of your case, I am prepared to mount a strong defense with your best interests at the forefront.

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