Drug Crimes Defense

Avoid Fines, Incarceration And Other Consequences

From possession of marijuana or painkillers to trafficking in meth or cocaine, the consequences of drug charges are far-reaching. In addition to the possibility of going to jail, a drug conviction can affect employment, education and other aspects of your future.

I am David G. Moore, a Michigan drug crimes defense lawyer. I was a criminal prosecutor for more than three years, so I have a strong understanding of how prosecutors prosecute drug crimes. I use that information to help build strong cases in defense of my clients. Contact me online, day or night, or call me at 269-216-4573 if you have been questioned or arrested in connection with drugs.

Experienced Defense Of College Students And Juveniles

Kalamazoo is a college town, and I have successfully defended a number of college students and nonresidents arrested for drug crimes in Michigan. I have also represented juveniles in trouble for drug possession. Whatever the charges, I am equipped to protect the rights and the future of my young clients.

Skilled Handling Of All Drug-Related Charges

I have defended the full spectrum of drug cases, including:

My approach to drug crime defense is two-pronged. I vigorously challenge the circumstances of the investigation, arrest, search and seizure to fight the allegations and position my clients for suppression of evidence, dismissal of charges or viable defenses at trial. At the same time, I advocate for clients to get them the help they need for a destructive addiction. My goal as a defense attorney is to get clients into treatment instead of prison and to get charges reduced or avoid a conviction altogether through negotiations with the prosecutor.

Contact A Lawyer For Drug Possession Defense

You can count on me to provide you with skilled, aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense that protects your rights. Call today at 269-216-4573 to arrange for a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation about fighting these charges and protecting your future, or contact me online and I will respond quickly.