Medical Marijuana Charges? Hire A Former DA To Defend You.

Abiding by Michigan's marijuana laws can be challenging and confusing. Formerly, it wasn't legal to possess any amount of this drug. Now, under the right circumstances, it is. However, you still have to abide by strict limits and conditions. For many people, the rules raise a wide variety of questions such as:

  • Will I lose my job or get kicked out of school for smoking pot?
  • How do I qualify for the medical marijuana program?
  • Can I grow my own plants?
  • Can I share the weed with other people?
  • What legal penalties will I face if I break the rules?
  • If I lose my medical marijuana license, can I get it back?

I am David G. Moore, a criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor with more than a decade of experience. I have the knowledge necessary to answer all your questions about using marijuana for recreational or medical use. Call my Kalamazoo office to set up a free consultation and get answers today: 269-216-4573.

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP)

In November 2008, voters approved the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. The MMMP oversees the approved act and issues registry identification cards. Among other restrictions, you must abide by the following to avoid being arrested for possession:

  • You must not have more than 2.5 ounces.
  • You must not grow more than 12 plants.
  • You must keep the plants in a locked, enclosed area.
  • You must present your registry ID card and a valid photo ID.

Vigorously Defending Your Rights

As an attorney, I have defended numerous college students and other individuals against drug crime charges, including those involving illegal marijuana possession. I can defend you, too. I know what you are up against, and I know the available defense strategies. I will do everything possible under the facts of your case to reduce the charges against you or help you avoid a conviction entirely.

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