Defense Against Meth Possession Allegations

Attorney Fighting For Your Future

In the past 20 years, possession and use of methamphetamine (meth) have become serious problems in Southwest Michigan and across the U.S. Sometimes the drug is imported from North Korea or Mexico. Often, however, it is obtained from local meth labs or operations set up in a person's backyard, home, car or hotel room.

Highly trained state and federal law enforcement personnel are cracking down on this high-severity felony, making it imperative that you have an equally experienced advocate on your side. As a criminal defense lawyer and former assistant district attorney, I, David G. Moore, have handled thousands of cases over the past decade. I am ready and able to fight for you, too.

From my Kalamazoo office, I represent both college students and other individuals charged with drug crimes of all kinds in the surrounding counties of Southwest Michigan. If you have been arrested or simply brought in for questioning for possession of meth, do not wait to contact me right away.

Investigating Every Aspect Of The Case In Your Defense

In defending you, I will look at every factual and legal issue in the case and ask the vital questions such as:

  • Were you driving someone else's car and didn't know there was meth hidden inside?
  • Did another person put the drug inside your purse or bag when you weren't aware?
  • Did law enforcement violate your Miranda rights?
  • Did police conduct an illegal search or seizure?

If you are charged with meth possession and have no prior convictions, I will fight to keep the charge off your criminal record and help you avoid incarceration. I also frequently encourage clients to become involved in confidential rehabilitation and drug treatment programs, which have countless legal and personal benefits.

Free Initial Consultation About Possession Of Methamphetamine Charges

To arrange a free, no-obligation consultation, call my Portage office at 269-216-4573. You can also contact me online to arrange a free consultation.