Prescription Drug Charge Defense

Prescription drug crimes often trace back to a legitimate prescription for painkillers. The person becomes hooked on the highly addictive meds and goes to increasingly desperate lengths to get more. Many youths and young adults also get addicted or get caught because prescription narcotics have become so popular as a recreational drug. I am David G. Moore, a prescription drug charge defense attorney practicing in surrounding counties of Southwest Michigan. I have represented adults, college students and high school students caught with prescription-only medications, or charged with dealing prescription drugs or prescription fraud.

If you or a family member is accused of a prescription drug crime, I know how serious the criminal and collateral consequences can be. I am committed to avoiding prison and a criminal record if at all possible, and I am committed to making sure clients get help for their addictions. Contact me online or call 269-216-4573 now to arrange a free, confidential consultation.

Experienced Defense In All Prescription Medication Cases

Abuse of prescription drugs has exploded in recent years, resulting in a greater focus by law enforcement. By law, it is illegal to possess even one pill of a drug that was not prescribed to you, including "borrowing" prescription drugs from a spouse, child, parent or friend.

I have handled all the scenarios as a former prosecutor and as defense counsel:

  • Patients stealing prescription pads or altering scripts to obtain "refills"
  • Juveniles stealing pills from mom or dad's medicine cabinet to use or to sell
  • Nurses or doctors siphoning drugs to feed their own addictions
  • Doctors writing prescriptions off the books for cash
  • Addicts buying pills from undercover narcotics officers

Many prescription-only pills such as OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, Valium, Xanax and Ritalin sell for $30 each or more on the street, creating a lucrative drug trade. However, the users, dealers and physicians who get caught up in it face the same felony charges and penalties that apply to cocaine and other street drugs.

Fighting The Charges And Acknowledging Addictions

A modified prescription is against the law and perhaps a sign of a spiraling addiction to painkillers. My number one goal as a defense lawyer is of course to explore all opportunities to get the charges dismissed or reduced, such as challenging the legality of a traffic stop or search and seizure. At the same time I position clients for alternatives to prison and a felony drug conviction, especially alternatives such as drug court and chemical dependency treatment that address the addiction and not only the crime.

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