Increased Penalties In School Zones

For anyone facing criminal penalties, there is an understandable concern about school zones. Many people wonder whether the fines and penalties increase, the potential impact on access to medical marijuana and other issues.

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If you are facing criminal charges for something that happened in a school zone, it is particularly important to work with an experienced lawyer who can help protect your rights and minimize the damage.

I have a wealth of legal experience. After working for years as a prosecuting attorney, I decided to become a criminal defense lawyer. My experience gives me unique insight into how to defend against a wide range of criminal defense charges for clients in Kalamazoo and Portage, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.

What Are School Zones?

In an effort to protect students, states and municipalities often increase fines and other penalties for criminal activities committed in school zones.

These increased penalties most often apply to drug-related charges to prevent people from selling drugs to minors at schools. If convicted, you could lose your medical marijuana privileges, including your grow license if you have one.

Obviously, other criminal activities are included in the school zone's penalty increase legislation, including crimes like selling alcohol to minors, sex crimes and the like.

Make sure you take these charges seriously, as there is a lot at stake. I can help protect your interests. In many of these cases, there are ways to suppress evidence and undercut the prosecutor's case to get you the best results possible. I will fight tooth and nail to help you avoid increased penalties.

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