Who Is At Risk Of Arrest For Prescription Drug Charges?

Drug dependency and the slippery slope to illegal prescription drug trafficking can affect people of all ages, occupations and social classes. However, criminal defense attorneys are aware of the large numbers of college students and middle-aged women who fall into this kind of trap.

Many College Students Get Caught Up In Passing Around Pills Among Friends

College students tend to be susceptible to drug trafficking charges as they become part of large, loosely connected social groups. Informal offers or requests from friends or friends of friends may feel casual. "Sure, I have a few extras left over from my wisdom tooth removal surgery. Do you need one?" Before long, an individual can be habitually involved in prescription drug trafficking as well as consumption.

Middle-Aged Women And Men, "Fine Upstanding Citizens," Are Also Susceptible To Unplanned Drug Trafficking Activities

Middle-aged women, on the other hand, sometimes become depressed and isolated — and find it easy to persuade doctors to prescribe narcotic painkillers for minor ailments. At some point, a boyfriend or some other social connection becomes a pipeline for drug trafficking. Women — or men — arrested for prescription drug trafficking are often considered to be upstanding members of their communities. Their families and friends may be shocked to imagine the person in serious legal trouble.

Denial That You Have A Problem Is Not An Effective Defense If You Have Been Charged With A Crime

In fact, many prescription drug charges are brought against clients have never had previous problems with the law. There may be a sense of shame or denial at work. The individuals involved may not have admitted to themselves that "selling a few" Xanax, Vicodin or OxyContin pills was as serious a crime as channeling cocaine from South America to homeless drug addicts. There may be a difference in perception in your mind based on your circumstances and self-image, but there is no difference in the eyes of the law if you are not a pharmacist administering legitimate prescriptions and you have been engaged in drug trafficking.

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