Restore Your Driving Privileges After OWI/DUI

You have found yourself without a driver's license due to past convictions. You have made mistakes in the past, but ensure that you do not compound those mistakes by attempting to regain your license on your own within the tangled maze of the Secretary of State. Call me, David G. Moore, a criminal defense attorney is experienced and successful in Secretary of State matters. I will be your knowledgeable and sure guide as you traverse the path to re-obtain your license.

Get Help From Someone Who Understands the License Restoration Process

At the hearing to obtain your license you, not the Secretary of State, carry the burden of proof. The Secretary of State does not care that you are a good person nor that you and your family need your license. The hearing officer acts as both prosecutor and judge. You need someone to fight for you who understands the license restoration process and who has a proven record of success at the hearings.

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