Kalamazoo Attorneys Helping Clients With Adoptions

Adopting a child should be a special time in your lives. Enjoy your magical moments and leave the technical, legal requirements of adoption to me, adoption attorney David G. Moore. I bring years of experience and a compassion for family matters to my cases so that you can focus on enjoying this rewarding time in your family's history.

Experienced Help With Traditional, Step-Parent and Other Adoptions

In addition to handling traditional adoptions, I also provide services to people in areas of adoption law that are only recently beginning to receive the attention they deserve. In particular, I help stepparents adopt children who they may already be taking care of within the family.

I also assist clients who are grandparents seeking to adopt children whom they have cared for in the absence or incapacity of the biological parents.

In all of these situations, I provide my clients with legal services to successfully manage the complicated and sometimes contentious process by which biological or previous parents surrender their parental rights with regard to the stepchildren to be adopted.

Ensuring All Legal Requirements Are Fulfilled

I know that families fight hard to preserve the rights that arise out of being a legally recognized member of a family, whether that member is a child or a parent. I ensure that your family's adoption correctly fulfills all legal requirements and technicalities regarding adoption. In doing so, I provide your family with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family's adoption rights are protectable and in force under the law both now and in the future.

My style of client-centered lawyering is particularly appropriate with respect to adoption. Instead of having to wade through layers of firm bureaucracy, my clients know that I am available and interested in helping them with their legal questions regarding adoption.

Contact an Attorney For a Free Initial Consultation

To discuss your legal questions with an experienced adoption lawyer serving Kalamazoo and its surrounding areas, call me at 269-216-4573. You can also contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation that is entirely confidential and completely discreet. I understand and appreciate my clients' concerns for privacy with respect to their most intimate family matters.