Modifying Your Child Custody Order

While the divorce process may come to an end, life continues and circumstances change. As a result, terms agreed upon based on the circumstances as they existed at the time of the divorce may no longer apply.

When this occurs, clients throughout the Kalamazoo area rely on me, child custody modification attorney David G. Moore, for experienced advice and legal counsel. I regularly advise my clients concerning child custody modifications that they need.

A Change In Circumstances May Require a Custody Modification

If changes in your life such as parents' new lives, new jobs or dangerous circumstances require a modification of your divorce order, I can guide you through the legal process. I understand how to advise clients when custody arrangements must be modified. I always include in any analysis careful consideration of a child's best interests and can advise you as to how the court may view your request for a modification in light of those interests.

Because I know my clients' specific life goals and situations, I can help each client make informed decisions regarding any potential modification to child custody. My primary mission is to protect the rights my clients and their families. Every day, I help my clients understand their rights and how to defend them in an informed and thoughtful manner.

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