Child Support Lawyer

As is the case with child custody, child support also involves complicated and specific legal rules. These rules govern both the amount of support itself as well as the ability to modify any already existing support amounts.

The I am child support attorney David G. Moore and I work hard to protect the rights of all of my clients when it comes to child support matters. Whether you are working to enforce the child support you should be receiving or want to modify the amount of child support, I make my clients' legal goals my top priority in any given matter.

Providing Personalized Solutions

I make it possible to help my clients meet their legal goals by getting to know each one of them as individuals with specific life experiences and different individual goals. By knowing each of my clients personally, I can best advise each of them as to how the law may apply to the situation at hand, particularly with regard to the best interests of the child which will be heavily weighed by the courts.

Uncovering Hidden Assets

Child support, like child custody, involves very specific and complicated laws. Possibly affecting how these laws are applied may be issues involving hidden income or undisclosed changes in circumstances, such as new sources of income or support.

Keeping Your Best Interests At Heart

I care about my clients and their individual rights. I represent my clients' interests by working hard to ensure that those interests are treated fairly, both by the court and by other family and former family members.

Keeping my clients' best interests at heart allows me to best protect them. It motivates me to keep my clients informed as to the status of any given matter. As a result, I make every effort to make myself accessible to my clients, even on weekends and weeknights when necessary.

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