Kalamazoo Lawyer Helping Clients Through Divorce

Divorce is a major change, but it doesn't need to be a change for the worse. A divorce enables families to manage formerly unmanageable situations and allows for the governing of future interactions between family members, particularly with respect to children and property. In order to ensure that these arrangements are successful, it is important for lawyers to concentrate on human solutions, not just the legal technicalities that need to be resolved.

I am divorce attorney David G. Moore. I will take the time to meet with you and help you identify your goals as you open this new chapter in your life. By taking into consideration your individual situation and expectations, I can recommend solutions that are most likely to be agreeable to all parties involved. Furthermore, I make myself available to my clients. With this kind of attorney-client relationship in place, I can best provide you with the legal solutions you need to help your family manage its future and minimize disputes.

Comprehensive Divorce Representation

I provide my clients with comprehensive legal services across the entire range of divorce-related issues. I regularly counsel my clients concerning their options with respect to a wide variety of divorce-related legal issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Spousal maintenance
  • Property division (including businesses, retirement accounts and investment accounts)
  • Assignment of debt

My number one goal in representing divorce clients is the same as for any of my clients: I work to protect my clients and their best interests. In caring for my clients, I emphasize solutions that are responsive to the individually determined needs of each client. Once I have worked with my clients to determine their legal goals, I pursue these goals diligently.

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