Grandparents' Rights In Custody And Visitation

As is the case with family member rights in general, the rights of grandparents are also in flux. Not surprisingly, as family rights become more and more complicated in our society, grandparents are also beginning to understand that they, too, have rights that should be enforced with respect to the grandchildren they love.

I am grandparents' rights attorney David G. Moore, and I work hard to make the voices of my grandparent clients heard when it comes to their beloved grandchildren. Let me help you make your voice heard, too.

Visitation Rights and Legal Adoption

Most commonly, my clients come to me to learn about their rights as grandparents after the divorce or death of one of the birth parents, a death that typically leaves the son- or daughter-in-law as the sole parent. Whatever the situation that gives rise to the grandparents being denied family time with their grandchildren, I work diligently on my clients' behalf to protect their rights.

Often, I protect my clients' rights by seeking legal action to ensure that my clients can continue to play a significant role in the life of the grandchild. It is not unusual for me to seek a court order to protect my clients' rights as grandparents by framing the issue in terms of the grandchild's best interests. It is, in fact, in the best interests of the grandchild to have a relationship with grandparents.

Also more common these days is an outright adoption of the grandchildren by the grandparents. Particularly where the birth parents are incapable for some reason of providing a safe environment for the child (or, in fact, refuse to provide for the child at all), grandparents who may already be caring for the child often understand that it is in the grandchild's best interests to be adopted by the grandparents. This adoption then provides the grandparents with the legal rights necessary to protect and nurture their grandchild.

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