The Legal Help You Need In Guardianship Proceedings

I am guardianship attorney David G. Moore. Through experience, I understand that guardianship legal issues often involve some of the most emotionally wrenching circumstances in my clients' lives. My clients entrust me with guiding them through these complicated times in such a way that their rights and the rights of their loved ones are protected.

I recommend guardianship as a legal solution in a number of different situations involving not only children, but also elderly parents and other loved ones who may in some manner be unable to care for themselves. Other clients of mine have asked about guardianships in the case of handicapped relatives or children in the family who have been abandoned by their parents.

Protecting Your Rights and the Rights of Your Loved Ones

I work hard to protect the rights of you and your loved ones. When clients are involved in guardianship matters, I care about how my legal services can help them live happy lives and keep their loved ones safe. I get to know all of my clients on an individual basis for the express purpose of being able to advise them properly in difficult and emotional situations. I can provide the clear-headed objectivity in these situations that can often be hard to find.

Contact an Attorney for a Free Consultation

To discuss your legal questions with an experienced guardianship lawyer serving Kalamazoo, Portage and all their surrounding areas, call me at 269-216-4573. You can also contact me online. I understand and appreciate my clients' concerns for privacy with respect to their most intimate family matters.