Creating The "Rules of the Road" For Divorce

Attorney Helping Clients With Prenuptial Agreements

I am prenuptial agreements attorney David G. Moore, and I understand that the last thing on the mind of engaged couples is how to divide assets should the marriage fail, but I emphasize the role of law in creating and maintaining the "rules of the road" for marriage, so to speak. These rules allow marriages to proactively manage the normal sources of marital conflict involving property and money. In doing so, the marriage can instead focus on what actually makes the marriage thrive: the emotional health of the marriage.

My role as a lawyer is to care for my clients and their marriage by helping them develop these rules in a number of ways, not the least of which are prenuptial agreements. Prenuptial agreements help all of my clients anticipate and manage those issues upfront that they think could cause unnecessary conflict in the course of the marriage. This is as true for first marriages as it is for subsequent marriages.

Keeping Your Best Interests At Heart

I know that your family is the most important thing in your life. If you retain me to work with you to help increase the chances of your family's success, I believe that you should have the access to me that you need.

I emphasize the importance of communication in my relationships with my clients. I understand that this emphasis means answering your calls and responding to your emails in a timely manner. It means making time for us to get to know each other on evenings and even weekends when necessary.

I also understand that this means you depend on me to zealously protect you and your family. I always have your best interests at heart. I make it my mission to work to ensure that my clients are treated fairly in whatever legal dealings they entrust to me.

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