Challenging Polygraphs In Criminal Investigations

Polygraphs, or lie detector tests, measure a person's physiological reactions to a series of questions. In theory, the results of these tests are used to determine whether a person is telling the truth. However, the results of a polygraph test are not definitive and challenging the results of a test is essential to any comprehensive criminal defense.

I am David G. Moore, a Michigan criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor. I understand how the state is likely to use the results of lie detector test against you and I understand how to effectively protect your rights by attacking this form of evidence. Contact me online, day or night, or call me at 269-216-4573 if you have been asked to submit to a polygraph test or have already taken a polygraph test as part of a criminal investigation.

The Use Of Lie Detector Tests In Criminal Cases

It is the state's job to gather evidence and to use this evidence in an effort to prove their charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Requesting that someone submit to a polygraph test is an effort by the state to help bolster their case and to gather more evidence. It is important to remember that you are not legally obligated to submit to a lie detector test. Even if the police threaten you with arrest or make other threatening statements, it is important to ask to speak to a lawyer if you have been asked to take a polygraph test.

In some cases, it may make sense to take a lie detector test as part of building your criminal defense case. However, this carries with it certain risks. I can let you know when and if you should consider taking a polygraph test.

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Unlike in other states, the results of polygraph tests are admissible in Michigan courts. It is important to retain skilled legal counsel as soon as possible if you are under criminal investigation to ensure that your rights remain protected every step of the way. Call me today at 269-216-4573 to schedule a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation regarding your case. You may also contact me online. I will respond to all inquires quickly.