Attorney Defending Clients Against Child Molestation Charges

There is almost no allegation worse than being accused of sexual abuse of a child. The mere mention of child molestation can ruin reputations and careers, and a criminal conviction means prison time and registering as a sex offender. I am attorney David G. Moore, a child molestation defense lawyer and former prosecutor. I provide skilled and vigorous representation, without judgment, to the accused in surrounding counties of Southwest Michigan.

If you are under investigation for sex crimes involving children, contact me immediately. I will conduct my own investigation and I will offer advice and direction before you are formally charged. In the best-case scenario I can convince the prosecutor not to file charges. If the prosecutor goes forward with charges, I will advocate zealously for your rights, your freedom and your future.

Working to Help Build You the Strongest Possible Defense

No matter what the police say or how bad things look, you should exercise your right to remain silent and your right to contact an attorney. I will not judge you and I will not shy away from providing a true defense in the face of public scorn. I am here to serve as a wall between you and the police, and if necessary between you and the media.

Every case is unique, and your defense depends on the charges and the evidence. I will conduct my own private investigation if necessary to get the facts. For some clients, I have arranged a private polygraph test and sent the findings to police to counter the allegations.

I have intervened with prosecutors to work out favorable plea agreements, and I have challenged child molestation charges at trial. I concentrate on providing the best defense possible while also conducting damage control.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Free Initial Consultation

With a long prison term and a lifetime of sex offender registration at stake, you cannot throw yourself on the mercy of the court or hire an inexperienced lawyer. I understand how prosecutors build sex crime cases and how to unravel the threads. I fight for my clients. Call today at 269-216-4573 to arrange for a free, confidential consultation about the charges and your options, or contact me online and I will respond quickly.