Michigan Attorney Defending Clients Against Internet Crime Charges

Law enforcement officials take Internet crimes very seriously. They troll the net. They visit chat rooms. They track pornographic content. They set up stings, pretending to be minors. If a person downloaded a pornographic picture without knowing that this is a federal crime, the law will still have been violated, according to the police. If a pornographic photograph is even in the cache of your computer, you can be arrested.

If you believe you are under investigation or you have been arrested for an Internet crime or any other type of crime, get legal help immediately. I am David G. Moore, a Internet crime defense lawyer with more than 10 years of legal experience. As a former prosecutor in the very courts in which I now defend my clients, I understand how prosecutors build cases and how the police can leave out key details in a police report. I work hard to fully investigate my clients' cases, retaining experts when their work will support your defense.

Defending Against All Internet-Based Sex Offenses

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I offer a free initial consultation, where I will listen to you tell the story of what happened and how you got arrested. I will provide you with insight and give you an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in your case. I will explain the law and the legal process you are facing. Once you decide how you wish to proceed, I will work relentlessly and skillfully to help obtain the results you seek.

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As your lawyer, you will have access to me at all stages of your criminal case. If you do not reach me, I will respond to your call within 24 hours. I understand how stressful a criminal sexual charge can be. You should not have to deal with an attorney who doesn't return calls.

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