Defense Against Armed Robbery Charges In Kalamazoo

Armed robbery is a felony, and a conviction carries a life sentence. If you have been arrested on armed robbery charges, you probably already know the seriousness of your situation. What you also need to know is that there is a defense, and I can help you aggressively defend your rights.

I am David G. Moore, a federal criminal defense lawyer defending against armed robbery charges in Kalamazoo, Portage and throughout Southeast Michigan. As a former prosecuting attorney and now a criminal defense lawyer, I have more than a decade of experience handling thousands of cases. I represent clients accused of all types of theft crimes and serious felony crimes at both the state and federal levels. I invite you to contact my Michigan law office to schedule a free consultation. I can meet with you evenings and weekends, as well as during regular office hours.

Aggressively Pursuing Every Possible Avenue Of Defense

I can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your armed robbery case, inform you of your defense options and pursue every avenue of defense in your behalf. Whether that means seeking a case dismissal, a reduction in charges, a favorable plea bargain or a jury trial, I am prepared to go the distance for you.

I understand how intimidating the criminal justice system can be. That is why I will help you understand the legal process and be accessible throughout the duration of your case. All phone calls are returned promptly, and you will receive personalized legal counsel as well as straightforward guidance.

Contact a Defense Lawyer for Armed Robbery Charges in Michigan

My law firm defends clients accused of virtually every kind of criminal offense, including armed robbery. I offer a free initial consultation in which I will sit down with you and gain an understanding of your situation and explain how I can help. Call my Portage office at 269-216-4573 (toll free). You can also contact me online.