Larceny Defense In Southwest Michigan

Charges of larceny indicate that there has been an alleged theft of property. The nature and severity of theft crime charges depend on where the property was and the dollar value of that property. A larceny conviction can be a misdemeanor or felony. It may involve a house or other type of building. When theft occurs within a building, charges of breaking and entering may accompany the basic charges of larceny. When larceny occurs in a store, it may also be known as retail fraud.

I am Kalamazoo criminal defense attorney David G. Moore, and I vigorously defend people charged with larceny and other property crimes. I understand that a client charged with larceny has a great deal at stake. A conviction versus a dismissal or reduction of penalties can make a definitive difference in a suspect's life story. If you entrust your larceny defense to my law firm, you can count on aggressive, focused representation aimed at achieving the optimal outcome in your case.

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I start each case from the premise that all men were innocent until proven guilty. It is my job as defense lawyer to find prosecutorial weaknesses or inconsistencies.

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