White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney in Kalamazoo

I am David G. Moore, a white collar criminal defense lawyer in Kalamazoo. I understand that economic and personal pressures sometimes cause people to make serious mistakes. I also know that personal dynamics in the workplace can lead to misunderstandings and false accusations of white collar crimes. In any such situation, you can turn to me for knowledgeable, courteous counsel as well as skilled defense representation.

A Former Prosecutor Who Knows Your Legal Options

If you have learned you are under investigation for a white collar crime, or you have been arrested and charged with an offense such as fraud or embezzlement, please contact my law office now. I am a criminal defense attorney and a former prosecutor, and I understand the law and our area courts in-depth. I will move quickly to learn your circumstances and find the best approach to protecting your rights and your future.

Recognizing that your freedom, reputation and ability to make a living may all be at stake, you can depend on me for determination and creativity in dealing with your case. I will help determine the best action for you based on considerations, such as:

  • Your employer's willingness to accept financial restitution without a criminal conviction, which often determines the prosecutor's flexibility in dealing with the case as well.
  • Personal conflict or poor communication in the workplace, combined with inability to conclusively prove allegations against you.
  • Any opportunity to negotiate reduced charges or alternative sentencing, especially if you have no criminal history.

If You Are Being Investigated, Get Legal Help Right Away

In a white collar crime case, it can be critical to contact a lawyer as soon as you know you are under suspicion. Making any statements to law enforcement or other authorities, even declaring your innocence, can hurt your case or limit your options later. I am responsive and flexible, and I will speak with authorities on your behalf to protect your rights.

Contact a Kalamazoo Defense Lawyer

A free initial consultation is offered along with evenings and weekends by appointment. Call my Portage office at 269-216-4573, or contact me online. For your convenience, major credit card payments for legal services are accepted.