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Vandalism is an example of a property crime that does not typically cause injury or lasting harm to any human being — but it is a costly nuisance for a property owner to cope with. Vandalism can range from graffiti in public places to arson. You or your teenager may have been charged with vandalism because of a key scratch on an expensive car, or unauthorized urban art on walls of buildings downtown.

A conviction on charges of vandalism or any type of willful destruction of property can leave a permanent criminal record for you to live with. You may or may not be able to explain it away every time you apply for a job or apply for rental housing. However, you typically cannot make the stigma disappear. This criminal record will accompany you throughout life.

Have You Been Accused Of Vandalism? An Attorney With A Track Record Of Success Can Turn The Tide.

For these reasons, it is important to contact a lawyer early on if you are suspected of vandalism. Early advocacy can prevent an arrest and prevent any criminal record from being logged.

Discuss your options for a satisfactory defense in consultation with me, vandalism defense lawyer David G. Moore. I have more than 10 years' experience handling similar cases.

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