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August 2011 Archives

Michigan drug bust results in arrest of three people

Rarely is a drug related offense considered minor. However, when drug charges come in conjunction with possible child endangerment, the consequences expand tenfold. Three people from Michigan were arrested on drug possession charges last week after a raid revealed the presence of marijuana and methamphetamine. Not only that, but present at the time of the raid were five children ages eight and under.

Michigan man charged in delivery of 3000 lbs of marijuana

Many people believe marijuana should be legalized in the United States. And while there are some instances in which the drug can be obtained legally, it's still considered a controlled substance and is treated as such within the parameters of the law. Recently, a Michigan man was in federal court on serious drug charges for helping to transport almost 3,000 pounds of marijuana into the United States.

Michigan woman arrested for drunk driving after high speed chase

It is not "news" that alcohol can impair a person's judgment. The consumption of alcohol can lead people to do things they wouldn't normally do. For some people, this impairment leads to driving under the influence or engaging in other types of reckless activity. One Michigan woman is facing arraignment following a high speed chase she propagated when police attempted to pull her over on suspicion of drinking and driving.

Drugs charges filed for causing death by morphine

Drugs ruin lives. Drug charges can too. Courts in Michigan treat allegations of drug use seriously, especially when misuse results in the death of another. Sometimes that death comes as a result of violence. Other times the drugs themselves are the cause of the fatality.

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