OWI, 3rd offense alleged against Battle Creek woman

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2011 | Drunk Driving

Multiple drunk driving charges can quickly add up to a hefty fine or sentence in Michigan. Police know how to spot drunk drivers and are always looking to catch the next unfortunate driver. A 41-year-old Battle Creek woman learned this in August after police arrested her on a charge of operating while intoxicated (third offense).

Police claim they tried to pull over the woman’s vehicle, but she did not stop. They did not say whether the driver was aware that police were following her. When she did not stop, her vehicle was pursued through Augusta and Galesburg and then onto I-94. The car was forced to stop after police placed stop sticks on the highway. Police claim the woman has not had a driver’s license since 1992.

Police say the driver’s blood-alcohol reading was .20. They also indicate it was the seventh time the woman had been charged with OWI. In Michigan, a blood alcohol level of .17 or greater is considered “super drunk driving” and can lead to jail time. However, the law was made to try to help identify those with alcohol abuse problems in order to get them help.

A third offense for drunk driving in Michigan provides for a prison sentence of not less than one nor more than five years upon conviction. Additional penalties such as ignition interlock, community service and mandatory vehicle immobilization may also apply. In view of the severe consequences for conviction, the woman will need to prepare a strong defense and can benefit from the assistance of a supportive and understanding Michigan attorney devoted to helping her achieve a fair result.

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