Police charge Michigan man with sex crimes

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Although Michigan police authorities seek to prosecute sex crimes offenders to the highest extent of the law, those accused of sex crimes are entitled to a fair and impartial trial and are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Recently a 32-year-old Michigan man was arraigned in district court after being the subject of a drawn-out investigation. According to members of the Michigan State police, the man’s charges originated from a probe into an organization he founded in 1998. The name of the organization is Earth Services, described as a nonprofit teen haven and an agency for educated animal rescue. While the majority of details surrounding the case are still being withheld, it has been reported the investigation resulted in a nine-count warrant.

The man is facing three counts of aggravated indecent exposure, criminal sexual assault with the intent to commit sexual penetration, two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree and three counts of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct. Media reports didn’t give any information as to how many alleged victims were part of the case or how old they were. They did not disclose where the alleged incidents of sex crimes happened. The accused man is being held on $250,000 bond.

Allegations of sex crimes are not taken lightly in Michigan and across the United States and can result in serious consequences if a conviction is made. Legal counsel experienced in defending individuals who have been charged with sex crimes may be able to help people understand their rights and form a defense that may bring a positive outcome.

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