Drug charges for corrections officer

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Purportedly acting on a “tip” from one of its drug task forces, last month Michigan State Police stopped a motor vehicle at a traffic light in Newberry. The tip accused the driver, a corrections officer at the Newberry Correctional Facility, of “bringing drugs into the prison.” At the time of his arrest it was believed he was en route to the jail for that very purpose. Police searched the vehicle and are said to have found tobacco and heroin. The guard is now facing drug charges.

Police say they confiscated approximately 7 grams of heroin, a relatively small amount, though police assert the value of the drug inside a correctional facility is higher than on the street. The guard was placed under arrest, and a search warrant for his house in Naubinway was subsequently executed. During that search, officers seized “evidence of heroin use” and prescription drugs. They also found a handgun and two rifles.

The man was then formally accused of two counts for the delivery and manufacturing of a narcotic (cocaine) weighing less than 50 grams as well as maintaining a drug house. There was no explanation of why there were multiple counts on each charge. By the same token, no charges were leveled for the handgun, rifles or prescription drugs. Authorities indicated the investigation was continuing.

The first two counts carry maximum prison terms of 20 years each, while the second two carry a maximum two year sentences. Fines for the conviction on all four counts could reach as much as $100,000. The individual has been released on bond, which had originally been set at $100,000 cash or surety. Surely, he will need to consult with a Michigan attorney experienced in handling drug charges. The sheer weight of the potential penalty mandates that a vigorous defense be mounted in order to ensure the protection of all available legal rights and fighting to maintain his liberty.

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