Prosecutors: Lansing man ran marijuana-growing operation

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Most Kalamazoo residents are aware that being caught with any quantity of a controlled substance will carry a stiff penalty. Like any other charge, however, there are mitigating circumstances that could alleviate the potential penalties stemming from drug charges. Whether the case of a Lansing man involves such extenuating circumstances will only be discovered at the end of criminal proceedings.

The 46-year-old man was arrested Oct. 1 after police officers searched his home. According to the state trooper’s report, police went to the home to serve judicial papers on an unrelated matter and “found evidence of drug activity,” though it is not clear exactly what they saw that led to this conclusion or when the observation was made. Authorities claim they asked to search the home, allege that the man consented and say the search revealed a marijuana growing operation. They claim to have seized 78 marijuana plants, five pounds of marijuana that was “ready for distribution,” and an undisclosed amount of psilocybin mushrooms. Police also claim they found $1,700 in cash during the search.

This is a case where there may be more to the story that may help this man when facing these charges in court. The man told the police that he had been approved for medical marijuana use but did not have his approval card at the time of the incident.

When it comes to drug charges in Michigan, or anywhere else in the country, it is vital to remember that those accused are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. There is often more to the story than meets the eye, particularly when a story is related in the media. This Lansing man allegedly consented to a search, likely knowing what would be found, and he may well have extenuating circumstances for some of these purported activities. A criminal defense attorney can properly address these allegations and surrounding circumstances, ensure that all legal rights are fully protected and assist in fighting for a fair and just resolution of all outstanding allegations.

Source: The Lansing State Journal, “Lansing man arrested on marijuana-other drug charges,” Laura Misjak, Oct. 3, 2011



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