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December 2011 Archives

Discovery of alleged Michigan meth lab leads to three arrests

It is no secret that Michigan law enforcement officials are coming down hard on drug offenses. Manufacturing of methamphetamines is considered to be one of the most serious drug crimes. Many courts are handing down long jail sentences when persons are convicted of this charge and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.Earlier this month, Michigan State Police arrested three Springport residents after they discovered an allegedly active methamphetamine lab within a residence. According to police, troopers responded to a call on Town Road at about 5:30 in the afternoon regarding a civil dispute of some type. Whatever the nature of the dispute, it led the troopers to allegedly discover more than what they were looking for.

Michigan man faces drug and weapons charges in PA

There are times when Michigan residents make mistakes. This can be especially true when drug charges and gun possession charges mix. Such may be the case for one individual who was arrested on both drug and gun possession charges in Erie, Pennsylvania , on December 1.

Search warrant leads to drug charges for two Buchanan residents

A two- week investigation into potential illegal drug activity at a Michigan home has resulted in two drug-related arrests. According to the Berrien County Sheriff's Department, the two men were detained after a search warrant was executed by the Berrien County Narcotics Unit. During the search of the residence, officers allegedly located and seized approximately $100 worth of powder cocaine, approximately $100 worth of marijuana and collected other evidence of alleged illegal drug use and distribution.Under Michigan's civil forfeiture law, the officers also seized $383 in cash and two cell phones. As a result of the search warrant, the two men face serious drug charges. One was charged with possession of cocaine and the other was charged with possession of marijuana as well as maintaining a drug house. Both were being held at Berrien County Jail pending their arraignments in the Berrien County Trial Court.

Two Michigan residents face out-of-state drug charges

Six people were arrested recently on allegations of heroin possession in Morehead, Kentucky, including two from Michigan. One of the two Michigan residents had a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly being a "parole absconder" since September 2010. All six will now face drug charges in Rowan County, Kentucky.

Drug charges in Adrian attack pill mill conspiracy

Drug charges were filed in Lenawee County District Court against two Michigan residents from Adrian recently. A 49-year-old man and 47-year-old woman were both accused of drug charges involving the operation of a criminal enterprise, conspiracy and drug delivery. Authorities claim the arrests were part of a criminal investigation that was initiated on the basis of several tips last March. The investigation is said to be continuing, and a 54-year-old Adrian woman was also arraigned last month, though police anticipate arresting as many as 20 additional suspects once the investigation is complete.

Michigan man facing drug charges in Ohio for trafficking heroin

The wonders and ease of modern travel has also set the stage for crimes to not only be committed in our own Michigan communities but also in other states. When this happens, individuals should understand that they will most likely be subject to the laws of the state in which they were apprehended and charged. One such case happened when a Michigan man, who is now facing felony drug charges, was arrested after a traffic stop and alleged to have $12,000 worth of illegal drugs.

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