Discovery of alleged Michigan meth lab leads to three arrests

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It is no secret that Michigan law enforcement officials are coming down hard on drug offenses. Manufacturing of methamphetamines is considered to be one of the most serious drug crimes. Many courts are handing down long jail sentences when persons are convicted of this charge and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

Earlier this month, Michigan State Police arrested three Springport residents after they discovered an allegedly active methamphetamine lab within a residence. According to police, troopers responded to a call on Town Road at about 5:30 in the afternoon regarding a civil dispute of some type. Whatever the nature of the dispute, it led the troopers to allegedly discover more than what they were looking for.

Once inside the residence, troopers claim they discovered a meth lab. Two men and one woman were subsequently arrested. The men, a 32-year-old and the homeowner, age 38, were arrested for operating and maintaining a meth lab. The 25-year-old woman was arrested for possession of meth. All three were transported to the Jackson County Jail. The younger man also had an outstanding warrant regarding non-payment of child support, and allegedly attempted to flee before he was apprehended behind the house by a K-9 unit.

Being charged with the manufacture of methamphetamines in Michigan can lead to prison time if the accused is convicted of the crime. Even a conviction of possession of methamphetamines can lead to serious trouble. When Michigan residents are facing such charges, a good option is to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. All residents are considered innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law and an attorney can help present the best defense when persons are faced with drug charges.

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