Drug charges in Adrian attack pill mill conspiracy

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Drug charges were filed in Lenawee County District Court against two Michigan residents from Adrian recently. A 49-year-old man and 47-year-old woman were both accused of drug charges involving the operation of a criminal enterprise, conspiracy and drug delivery. Authorities claim the arrests were part of a criminal investigation that was initiated on the basis of several tips last March. The investigation is said to be continuing, and a 54-year-old Adrian woman was also arraigned last month, though police anticipate arresting as many as 20 additional suspects once the investigation is complete.

The Adrian couple, arraigned on last month, operated a car wash in the community from which they are accused of selling oxycodone and hydrocodone pills. The drugs are said to have been part of a conspiracy involving a local doctor’s office and several unwitting pharmacies located in Adrian and Tecumseh.

Police claim an employee in a doctor’s office called in fake prescriptions to pharmacies, which were then filled by co-conspirators. Those pills were then allegedly sold for $5 to $6 apiece. All told, police estimated the “ring” made over $150,000 profit from the sale of the pills dating back to at least 2009.

The three defendants arrested on drug charges to date are free on personal recognizance bonds pending preliminary hearings. They appear to face an uphill battle against accusations stemming back several years. With so much at stake, each person accused will need to prepare and present a meaningful defense as they fight for their continued liberty. Each is entitled to a number of legal rights, including the presumption of innocence unless and until they are proven guilty in a Michigan court of law after fair and impartial proceedings.

Source: The Daily Telegram, “Couple charged as police roll up pill racket,” Nov. 16, 2011



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