Michigan man facing drug charges in Ohio for trafficking heroin

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The wonders and ease of modern travel has also set the stage for crimes to not only be committed in our own Michigan communities but also in other states. When this happens, individuals should understand that they will most likely be subject to the laws of the state in which they were apprehended and charged. One such case happened when a Michigan man, who is now facing felony drug charges, was arrested after a traffic stop and alleged to have $12,000 worth of illegal drugs.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, a Ford Crown Victoria taxi cab was stopped for a traffic violation on U.S. 23. The cab driver gave consent for the officers to search the vehicle after they found a small amount of heroin on the 19-year-old Detroit man who had hired the cab to take him to Marion, Ohio. Officers then discovered a duffel bag in the trunk containing 110 grams of heroin and 50 ecstasy pills. In total, the troopers allege they found some 1,283 bags of heroin valued at $11,000 and 50 ecstasy pills valued at $1,000.

The passenger was charged with aggravated drug trafficking, possession of heroin and possession of a schedule 1 substance (ecstasy). These drug charges are all felonies. The accused was taken to the Multi-County Correctional Center. If he is convicted of these drug charges, he could face as many as 21 years in prison and a $42,500 fine.

Facing drug charges in any state can be serious business if convicted of those crimes. Michigan residents who are charged with drug offenses may wish to consider working with a reliable criminal defense attorney. An attorney may be able to assist in preparing a solid defense as well as assist in helping protect the rights of the accused.

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