Search warrant leads to drug charges for two Buchanan residents

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2011 | Drug Crimes

A two- week investigation into potential illegal drug activity at a Michigan home has resulted in two drug-related arrests. According to the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department, the two men were detained after a search warrant was executed by the Berrien County Narcotics Unit. During the search of the residence, officers allegedly located and seized approximately $100 worth of powder cocaine, approximately $100 worth of marijuana and collected other evidence of alleged illegal drug use and distribution.

Under Michigan’s civil forfeiture law, the officers also seized $383 in cash and two cell phones. As a result of the search warrant, the two men face serious drug charges. One was charged with possession of cocaine and the other was charged with possession of marijuana as well as maintaining a drug house. Both were being held at Berrien County Jail pending their arraignments in the Berrien County Trial Court.

Drug charges are to be taken seriously in the state of Michigan and elsewhere. While those facing drug charges are presumed innocent in a court of law until they are proven guilty, a strong defense will be a key factor to ensure that the accused are protected by all of the legal rights to which everyone accused of a crime is entitled.

A favorable resolution to these charges, or a possible dismissal of them, will take time and a vigorous legal effort. Drug charges are often pursued aggressively by prosecutors, and the potentially severe penalties can include jail time and/or large fines and property forfeiture.

Source: Niles Daily Star, “2 Buchanan residents arrested on drug charges,” Nov. 25, 2011



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