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January 2012 Archives

Study shows meth-related burns more serious, costly

While it might seem obvious to many people in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that methamphetamine manufacturing is a dangerous task, those who are caught in the cycle of addiction are willing to take the risks needed to make more of the drugs.

Reclassifying marijuana could lead to altered Michigan drug laws

The Drug Enforcement Agency is being petitioned by several states to reclassify marijuana to a less-restrictive class of drugs. This could have an impact on people in Michigan who are accused of crimes related to marijuana cultivation, distribution or use, particularly those who use it for medicinal purposes.

Michigan man charged with third-offense drunk driving

A Bangor, Michigan, man is in hot water after being arrested for drunk driving after a single-car accident on Friday afternoon. Sheriff's deputies in Van Buren County, Michigan, received a report of a man who drove into a ditch on M-43, then drove out and kept going.

Methamphetamine charges pending for five in White Pigeon Township

Methamphetamine and other drug charges were filed against five Michigan residents last month. The meth allegations came after arrests outside and inside a White Pigeon Township home in St. Joseph County. Police say that had watched the home for several hours prior to the arrests.Four of the five were arrested outside of the home located in the 20000 block of U.S. 12, where police suspected the existence of a meth manufacturing lab. Police apparently awakened the fifth man as he slept inside the home and placed him under arrest as well. All of the people who were arrested were taken to a local jail where they were held awaiting bond.

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