Methamphetamine charges pending for five in White Pigeon Township

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Methamphetamine and other drug charges were filed against five Michigan residents last month. The meth allegations came after arrests outside and inside a White Pigeon Township home in St. Joseph County. Police say that had watched the home for several hours prior to the arrests.

Four of the five were arrested outside of the home located in the 20000 block of U.S. 12, where police suspected the existence of a meth manufacturing lab. Police apparently awakened the fifth man as he slept inside the home and placed him under arrest as well. All of the people who were arrested were taken to a local jail where they were held awaiting bond.

While each of the individuals arrested outside of the home were allegedly carrying handguns, it is unclear if the weapons were registered and legal at the time of the arrests. Police claim to have seized meth, meth components and marijuana as well as six rifles and a handgun. However, no information was disclosed to describe the amount of drugs authorities claim to have seized or exactly what components purportedly found prompted authorities to conclude a meth lab operated at the site.

Charges of methamphetamine manufacturing or possession are serious in Michigan and elsewhere. The individuals accused of these crimes will likely benefit from the advice of experienced legal counsel. All of the suspects are entitled to the same legal rights and are presumed innocent in the eyes of the law unless and until they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A vigorous defense will be mounted to defend them against the drug charges.

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