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February 2012 Archives

Constitutional search violation by agents at Michigan airport?

Two men were recently arrested by federal agents for allegedly transporting 200 pounds of marijuana in a twin-engine Cessna aircraft to the Oakland County Airport in Pontiac, Michigan. The men were caught apparently because they had made several prior trips between the two cities.

Three Kalamazoo drug busts net large amounts of cocaine, heroin

As many people might expect, drug crimes are taken very seriously in Michigan. Law enforcement agencies devote a fair amount of their time and energy to drug crimes. This was demonstrated by a day earlier this month that saw three drug busts go down on the same day at various points around the city.

Criminal charges for Kalamazoo man after parking ramp incident

The penalties for drunk driving in Michigan are severe. Heavy fines, jail time and a driver's license suspension are all real possibilities. One man from Kalamazoo, Michigan, finds himself facing felony charges after allegedly causing about $75,000 worth of damage to eight cars inside a parking ramp.

Giant drug bust in southeastern Michigan nets 12 people

As many people in Michigan know, federal drug crimes are among the most serious a person can be charged with. The power of the federal government to investigate, prosecute and convict people involved, or allegedly involved, in drug crimes is immense. Sentences are often long and fines are often heavy.

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