2 suspected of trafficking marijuana arrested in Michigan home

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A 32-year-old man was arrested in his home for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver after a drug bust in Berrien County, Michigan. A 22-year-old woman also inside the home was arrested on a warrant for drug possession. The man is currently in jail awaiting his arraignment and the woman posted bond while awaiting her arraignment.

According to police, they found $800 worth of marijuana inside the home, as well as evidence of alleged drug trafficking. Evidence of drug trafficking could include large sums of cash or anything used to manufacture or cultivate illegal drugs. Police say they seized several thousand dollars and a jet ski found inside the home.

There are several defense strategies commonly used in drug trafficking cases. Two of the most common defenses are challenging the search warrant and whether the police had probable cause. In order for a search warrant and attendant search to be valid, several conditions must be met. For example, the search warrant must explain in detail what areas of the premises will be searched and what items the police are searching for. If police use a search warrant improperly, the evidence may be inadmissible in court.

If police have probable cause to believe a crime has occurred, then a search warrant is not necessary. For example, police might have probable cause in a drug trafficking case if they see drug manufacturing equipment in an open garage. However, if the police search a home and seize evidence without probable cause and without a warrant, then the criminal case could be dismissed.

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