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October 2012 Archives

Kalamazoo man arrested after police find meth, other drugs in can

When investigating possible crimes, police will often use the power of a search warrant to scour the location defined by the warrant. In a recent case involving a 31-year-old Kalamazoo man, this fact was made clear when police allegedly found drugs hidden in an interesting location.

2 Michigan residents charged with heroin possession

Two people in Southwest Michigan are now facing drug charges after a weeklong police investigation ended with a search of an apartment. Inside the apartment police reportedly found heroin, marijuana and evidence that the residents were involved in a drug trafficking operation.

Michigan teen charged with drinking and driving at 104 mph

Drinking and driving is a serious problem, and the state of Michigan has imposed serious penalties to combat it. These penalties can lead to long-term consequences for Kalamazoo drivers from all walks of life, when they are charged with OWI but these consequences can be most damaging to young drivers.

Local men face heroin charges after Kalamazoo drug bust

Two Kalamazoo men were arrested in the city's Bronson Park recently after members of the Community Outreach Problem Solving Division of the Kalamazoo public safety department acted on tip provided by officers. The officials suspected that narcotic sales were taking place in the area. At the scene, police saw the two men selling what was believed to be heroin to another person. The officers promptly arrested the men.

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