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May 2013 Archives

Michigan bill would make bullying a misdemeanor crime

A Michigan lawmaker recently proposed a bill that would impact individuals accused of bullying and could result in more criminal charges in the state. The bill would make bullying or cyberbullying a misdemeanor crime, with a punishment of jail time and a fine for those convicted.

Michigan debates reducing penalties for marijuana possession

Individuals charged with marijuana possession may face smaller penalties if a proposed bill is passed in Michigan. The proposed bill would decriminalize marijuana by reducing the penalty for individuals charged with possessing an ounce or less of marijuana.

Michigan bill would allow more convicts to expunge record

Should individuals convicted of certain crimes be able to expunge their criminal record in Michigan? Several lawmakers believe so and have introduced legislation that would allow more convicts the option to have their criminal record expunged. 

Michigan principal facing 'Super Drunk' driving charges

An elementary school principal in Michigan was recently arrested for drunk driving after other drivers on the road reported that her vehicle was swerving off the road and onto a school's property. The principal was charged with drunk driving, and if she is convicted, she will have a "super drunk driving" offense on her criminal record.

Michigan offenders spend more time in jail compared to nation

Individuals convicted of crimes and sentenced to prison in Michigan are spending more time in prison than anyone expected. A new study found that inmates in Michigan spend over four years in prison on average, compared to the national average of less than three years, according to the Pew Charitable Trust. When it comes to violent criminals, Michigan offenders spend over seven years in prison compared to the national average of five years.

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