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July 2013 Archives

Former Kalamazoo public school janitor sentenced for sex crimes

If you are convicted of a sex crime in Kalamazoo, it can affect every aspect of your life. Not only are you looking at stiff penalties and possible jail time, you may also be featured on Michigan’s Public Sex Offender Registry to which the general public has access. This can not only hurt your ability to live a private life, it can also hurt your chances of obtaining a job in the future as employers may not be too keen on hiring a so-called sex offender.

Michigan woman faces methamphetamine charges

Methamphetamine is a synthetic stimulant that is banned in the state of Michigan because of its potential to be highly addictive and because it has no current accepted medical uses. Because possession of meth is considered to be a serious crime, being caught with even a small amount of the drug can mean severe consequences, including a felony charge being added to your record and spending up to a decade behind bars.

Man freed after evidence shows he didn't cause fatal accident

Sometimes, in certain situations where people are put on the spot, they may do or say things that they later regret. This can be especially true when a person is confronted by law enforcement in Kalamazoo. This type of authority figure can be intimidating, and a person may find him or herself admitting to things that actually were not his or her fault.

Michigan man offered plea deal on OWI charges

A plea agreement is a deal offered by the prosecution to the defendant in a criminal case. In these agreements, the defendant may agree to plead guilty or no contest in exchange for reduced charges or lighter sentencing. In Michigan, plea agreements should be carefully considered by the defendant.

Drug charges result in probation for Michigan farmer

Many drug crimes in Michigan come with sentencing guidelines. These guidelines are used by judges to determine what sentence is appropriate for a person who is convicted of a crime. In some cases, however, judges can be persuaded to stray from those guidelines.

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