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August 2013 Archives

Kalamazoo daycare owner accepts plea deal in theft case

Having a felony on your record in Michigan can not only hurt you now, but in the future as well. Future employers may look at your record and be reluctant to hire you if you have a felony, especially for government careers or jobs that involve working with children. This is why it is so important to speak with an attorney before accepting any plea agreements or pleading guilty to any charges levied against you.

Michigan doctor convicted of criminal sexual conduct

Being convicted of a sex crime in Michigan can not only cost you your reputation, but your livelihood as well. Many employers may be reluctant to hire someone who has a criminal conviction, while other careers require employees to have clean records. This can seriously limit your job options in the future and make earning a living difficult.

Three men arrested after k-9 unit alerted on drugs in car

Although authorities are required to have a warrant to search your home in Kalamazoo, the same rules do not apply to cars. If you are stopped, authorities only need to have probable cause to search your automobile. Probable cause does not mean that the officer just suspects illegal activity for no reason; he or she must first see or smell something that is real. In some instances, a k-9 unit may be called out to sniff around the car for the presence of drugs. This is typically in the right of the authority to do so as long as it does not take beyond a reasonable amount of time to get the dog to the traffic stop's location.

Former Michigan shooting victim charged with drug possession

In the state of Michigan, drug possession can lead to serious penalties, including time behind bars and felony charges. If you are arrested more than once you may be seen as a habitual offender and the maximum penalty could be increased.

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