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September 2013 Archives

Coloma Township gas station robbed by man wearing a zombie mask

While the tales of psych-ward escapees terrorizing towns on Halloween are all urban legends, there are statistics that do show that crime in Kalamazoo does actually increase during the Halloween season. Much if that is due to juvenile pranks that begin as good-natured jokes but then devolve into fights, property damage, and/or accusations of theft. While the season is known for being a time for playful mischief, one should still remember that any type of criminal activity, no matter the season, can potentially result in a criminal charge.

Judge overturns Bay City man's sexual assault conviction

When someone is arrested in Kalamazoo on a sexual assault charge, the accusation itself is often so sensitive that there may be times when a rush to judgment is called for that errors in due process can occur along the way. Despite the accusations leveled against them, those accused of sexual misconduct still have a right to fair trial, and if anything determined to be special circumstances by the trial judge takes away from that right, then there’s always a possibility that the conviction may be challenged and/or possibly overturned in the appellate courts.

Failed murder-suicide attempt ends with Kalamazoo mother's arrest

Throwing out the word “felony” might conjure up immediate mental images of the stereotypical “criminal type.” Yet, many may be surprised to learn that a lot of the suspects who are charged with felonies in Grand Rapids are everyday average “Joes” and “Janes” who are dealing with the same daily issues and stresses that most people do, yet, in an isolated incident (or incidents), lost or relinquished control of their situation and did something that they normally would not do. The reasons behind the crimes may differ greatly, yet sadly, the results are often same: heavy punitive fines and/or possible jail time.

Clarkston woman faces second OWI charge

For those who’ve already been arrested and convicted for OWI in Kalamazoo, the hope is that a lesson was learned and that they would never choose to engage in such activities again. Anyone who later faces a repeat OWI charge could possibly be looking at a much harsher sentence, ranging from long-term license revocation, vehicle forfeiture, and mandatory incarceration. Those penalties can be compounded even further the offense involved other criminal activity, as well.

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