Clarkston woman faces second OWI charge

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2013 | Drunk Driving

For those who’ve already been arrested and convicted for OWI in Kalamazoo, the hope is that a lesson was learned and that they would never choose to engage in such activities again. Anyone who later faces a repeat OWI charge could possibly be looking at a much harsher sentence, ranging from long-term license revocation, vehicle forfeiture, and mandatory incarceration. Those penalties can be compounded even further the offense involved other criminal activity, as well.

A Clarkston woman is facing such potential penalties after she failed a sobriety test administered after causing an auto accident that sent three elderly people to the hospital. Police believe that she was intoxicated when she hit what she thought were trash cans while driving in Washington Township. It turns that it was those three people that were struck by her car.

What makes the situation potentially much worse for the woman is that this is her not her first arrest for OWI. However, this time around, it’s appears that she could be facing much graver penalties. The OWI charge against her this time could be much more severe given that it’s a repeat OWI offense and that she not only hit three people, but also had a passenger in the car with her.

Authorities take repeat offenses very seriously, and as such, will often impose tougher sanctions the second and third time around. With those potential penalties facing them, people facing a repeat offense charge may wish to seek the advice of a criminal defense lawyer to help in securing an acceptable outcome from the court.

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