Coloma Township gas station robbed by man wearing a zombie mask

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While the tales of psych-ward escapees terrorizing towns on Halloween are all urban legends, there are statistics that do show that crime in Kalamazoo does actually increase during the Halloween season. Much if that is due to juvenile pranks that begin as good-natured jokes but then devolve into fights, property damage, and/or accusations of theft. While the season is known for being a time for playful mischief, one should still remember that any type of criminal activity, no matter the season, can potentially result in a criminal charge.

A man apparently decided to kick off the Halloween mischief a little early this year by robbing a gas station in Coloma Township while wearing a zombie-mask. Video taken outside the gas station shows the man putting on the mask just before entering the store. The video has since been posted on the Coloma Township Police Department Facebook page for public viewing as police are asking that anyone recognizing the man contact them immediately.

Any amusement the store clerk may have felt at the situation ended when the suspect brandished a handgun and demanded money. He made off with an undisclosed amount after being interrupted by police, who had been summoned by a 911 call made by a patron who witnessed the crime from outside. The suspect was able to evade police and remains at large.

While most season-related pranks hopefully won’t go quite this far this upcoming Halloween season, people may still be faced with criminal charges if they allow themselves to get a little too caught-up in the festivities. Anyone happening to end up being charged for a crime may wish to work with a criminal defense attorney to help in securing an acceptable outcome to his or her case.

Source: The Herald-Palladium “Zombie mask-wearing man robs station” Sep. 21, 2013



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