Failed murder-suicide attempt ends with Kalamazoo mother’s arrest

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Throwing out the word “felony” might conjure up immediate mental images of the stereotypical “criminal type.” Yet, many may be surprised to learn that a lot of the suspects who are charged with felonies in Grand Rapids are everyday average “Joes” and “Janes” who are dealing with the same daily issues and stresses that most people do, yet, in an isolated incident (or incidents), lost or relinquished control of their situation and did something that they normally would not do. The reasons behind the crimes may differ greatly, yet sadly, the results are often same: heavy punitive fines and/or possible jail time.

The shocking reality of just who can get caught up in a felony crime is shown in the story of a Kalamazoo mother who was recently arrested for attempted murder after her unsuccessful murder-suicide attempt involving her and her autistic daughter. The pair were found unconscious inside of the family van, with the mother having tried to kill both of them by carbon monoxide poisoning. While both were rescued and rushed to an area hospital, it is feared that the daughter may have suffered extensive brain damage.

While no motive has yet been determined for the mother’s actions, she did keep a blog detailing her struggles with her daughter’s autism treatment. Recent posts to the blog seem to suggest that the mother was distraught over issues with her daughter’s enrollment in a special needs program at her school.

While the motives behind a felony may solicit sympathy, the suspects involved are typically still required to face punitive action. Anyone facing a potential felony charge may help his or chances of securing a favorable outcome with the court by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle the case.

Source: Mlive Kalamazoo “Teen with autism hospitalized, mother arrested on attempted murder charge, police say” Rosemary Parker, Sep. 05, 2013



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