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October 2013 Archives

Kalamazoo police looking for 2 men after botched robbery attempt

A felony charge in Kalamazoo is no laughing matter. Those charged with felonies will typically face at the very least heavy fines and probation, while an extended prison sentence is also a real possibility. What's often the saddest part of a felony conviction is that one ends up having to deal with potentially life-altering consequences because of a single bad decision that often didn't yield the results that he or she was hoping for anyway.

West Michigan school principal gets OWI charge dismissed

Many in Kalamazoo often wonder what their best course of action may be after being arrested for drinking and driving. One's handling of his or her OWI predicament may go a long way in determining what potential criminal penalties he or she may face, as well as the social impact that those penalties may have on his or her family and/or career. While every OWI charge should be taken seriously, alleged offender s for whom the arrest may be their first brush the law or who handle themselves appropriately while facing police and the court may be able to mitigate the potential trouble that they could be facing.

3 Three Rivers residents arrested in drug raid

An arrest for methamphetamine possession is a very serious matter in Grand Rapids. The potential criminal penalties that accompany it can vary depending on the circumstances of the arrest. If one is caught simply in possession of meth, he or she may face a misdemeanor charge along with court-mandated drug counseling. However, should the suspect be arrested with a large amount of the drug or if he or she has been arrested before for drug possession, a felony charge with an associated prison sentence is a real possibility.

2011 shooting leads to a life sentence for Kalamazoo man

To be arrested and convicted of any felony charge in Kalamazoo is a very serious matter. Most may require that one be sent to prison for an extended period of time. And as is the case with most anything in life, the more serious the charge a defendant is facing, the more attention will often be paid by prosecutors in earning a conviction. High profile felony cases will typically be assigned to the best prosecutors. All of this amounts to a potentially extreme uphill battle one may be faced with in the effort to clear his or her name.

Weidman man's OWI accident sends 6-year old girl to the hospital

While it's certainly advised that one should avoid a charge of operating while intoxicated at costs, thousands are still arrested on Michigan roads every year for this offense. The most frightening aspect of these arrests may be that often, these drivers aren't alone in their vehicles. And while adults will most likely have the good sense to not ride with an intoxicated driver, children are not often afforded that luxury. Sadly, if and when accidents do occur, it's often the child passengers, not the drivers, who end up with the worst of it.

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