Kalamazoo police looking for 2 men after botched robbery attempt

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2013 | Felonies

A felony charge in Kalamazoo is no laughing matter. Those charged with felonies will typically face at the very least heavy fines and probation, while an extended prison sentence is also a real possibility. What’s often the saddest part of a felony conviction is that one ends up having to deal with potentially life-altering consequences because of a single bad decision that often didn’t yield the results that he or she was hoping for anyway.

Such was the case for a pair of men currently wanted by Kalamazoo police after their attempted robbery of local man went horribly wrong. The debacle began by the pair tackling the man outside of a Milwood home. When the man refused to give them any money, they responded by beating and kicking him, and then finally resulted to shooting at him with the gun that they had brought for the robbery. Little did they know that the man’s friends would come to his aid, stopping the assault by attempting to run them over with a car. They ultimately fled the scene without whatever money or valuables that they had hoped to gain from him, and now most likely facing much more than a simple robbery charge once police do find them.

People are going to make mistakes in judgment, and sadly, those mistakes often require them to face some fairly stiff penalties. That doesn’t necessarily mean that those mistakes need to define the rest of their lives. With the help of an experienced defense attorney, anyone facing such a scenario may be able to secure a favorable outcome for his or her case that will allow for a new chance to not make the same mistake again.

Source: Mlive Kalamazoo “Kalamazoo man beaten, shot in arm and hand during attempted robbery in Milwood neighborhood” Rex Hall Jr., Oct. 24, 2013



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