Weidman man’s OWI accident sends 6-year old girl to the hospital

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2013 | Drunk Driving

While it’s certainly advised that one should avoid a charge of operating while intoxicated at costs, thousands are still arrested on Michigan roads every year for this offense. The most frightening aspect of these arrests may be that often, these drivers aren’t alone in their vehicles. And while adults will most likely have the good sense to not ride with an intoxicated driver, children are not often afforded that luxury. Sadly, if and when accidents do occur, it’s often the child passengers, not the drivers, who end up with the worst of it.

Such was the case with a recent accident caused by a Weidman man who was determined to be impaired during an early evening drive down an Isabella County road. In his truck with him was a 6-year old girl, whom police believed was not restrained properly. She sustained possible head injuries after the man lost control and drove the truck off the road, and was taken to an area hospital. His injuries were said to be minor, and he refused medical treatment. His relationship to the girl was not reported. The man now faces child endangerment charges to go along with an OWI charge.

When one chooses to operate a vehicle while intoxicated, one not only puts himself or herself at risk, but also any passengers that he or she transports, plus any of the drivers that he or she encounters on the road. Because of this increased risk, one may face charges subsequent to an OWI charge, if caught. Anyone in such a scenario may want to seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney experienced in handling OWI cases.

Source: WZZM “Man charged with OWI and Child Endangerment” Bob Brenzing, Sep. 26, 2013



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